Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fragrance Inspired Stationery

I have some letters to send out to friends and decided to make a new stationery set, inspired by Marc Jacobs' Oh, Lola! packaging.  I have no idea how the fragrance smells, but the design is wonderful.  The bright flower shaped perfume card caught my eye in the department store and I picked up a few of them, intending to use them for crafts.  Once I got them home I realized they were too pretty to cut up or paste to anything, so I tucked them away in my ephemera collection.

To hold my snail mail, I wanted to make something quick, colorful, and playful.  I remembered the Oh, Lola! cards and dug them out.  What attracts me most about the design is the bold use of color and shape.  The loosely defined petals are layered to create a poping flower that jumps right out at you, and I wanted to create a similar effect for my envelopes.
Instead of flowers, I cut out some black and white bird pictures and pasted them to vibrant printing paper.  To add to the playfulness, I used contrasting colors instead of monochromatic ones.  After cutting them out and leaving a generous border, I picked some backing paper and cut out large organic shapes.  I layered and pasted them all to some blank pastel manufactured envelopes I had.

After making the bird ones I decided to create another set using some blank labels.  I'm happy with how they both turned out and can't wait to mail them.  I definitely want to toy around with this idea some more and perhaps make some influenced by Jacobs' Daisy fragrance bottle.


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