Monday, March 11, 2013

Artist Love // Midori Yamada's Cats

Are you familiar with Midori Yamada?  She’s a Japanese illustrator.  I first saw one of her cat watercolors last year and absolutely fell in love with her work.  Even after seeing her diverse portfolio, they still remain my favorite.  

I’m very interested in the way she uses plants and flowers as an element of pattern for the cat’s to become submerged in.  Even when used as a design element, she takes such great care with each leaf and petal, making sure they retain their individual integrity and delicacy. 

The eyes of all her cats hold a certain edge, a little bit of mystery and darkness, which mesh with the hazy tone of her palette.  Their gazes draw you in and hold you.

Aside from cats, Yamada has a range of enchanting subject matter including fish, girls, plants, and comics.  You can check out all of her work and other projects on her website, 

(images: Midori Yamada) 


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