Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty Review // Dear My Essence in Lips-Talk

Korean company Etude House is on of my favorite cosmetic brands, but it can be a little intimidating to select the right beauty product when you’re buying out of the country.  I first got into their products last fall because I was in love with their package design and catalogues.  By December I was ordering product, but it wasn’t easy to make the perfect choice.  I had to rely heavily on beauty review blogs to find the right product and shade.  That’s why I’ve decided to review some of their products I’ve ordered since then.

Today I’m going to talk about my current favorite; Dear My Essence in Lips-Talk in the shade EPK002.  It’s become my go-to lip product, even if I’m only running to the grocery store. 

First off, what is Dear My?  That’s Etude House’s line of lip sticks and tints.  The best thing about the lip Essence is the smooth, light consistency.  I can’t stand having anything heavy or sticky on my lips, but this product is neither.  Its signature silky texture can be contributed to the Meadowfoam seed oil it contains.  Because of the seed oil, it also does not have that chemical lip stick smell. 

Another great thing about this product is that it conditions your lips.  If you have chapped or dry lips you don’t have to worry about the pigment clinging to the skin.  It goes on very smooth and is quickly absorbed into the lips, leaving only the lovely matte shade.  I don’t recommend applying a chap stick or anything to your lips first, because it will cause the color to sit on the surface of your lips instead of fully absorbing.  Over time the shade will lighten and continue to absorb, so I typically reapply after four hours.

Now, can I take a moment to gush about the packaging?  It’s absolutely adorable.  I saved my box!  I really enjoy the brush-like illustration of the lip stick on the front and the adorable pencil scribble style hearts all over it.  The tube itself is a sweet shade of pink with a hint of silver.  
 To wind the product, you gently rotate the base to the right.  You will hear a gentle click.  Do this about 2-4 times.  It winds very gradually so that you get a nice smooth line when you apply it.  Because the product is very soft, they have designed the tube to only wind just the right amount.  The cap has enough room that it does not come in direct contact with the pigment. 

One thing to know about the tube is that you can not wind it back down.  Therefore, do not aggressively over wind it.

You can find lots of places to order Etude products online, but I find that the cheapest and most reliable route is to order through a seller on Amazon.  This way you have a third party involved in the transaction with international sellers in case your shipment is lost or you need to do a return.

Dear My Essence comes in seven other shades.  For the most part the colors are pretty accurate; perhaps they are a bit darker in person.  I suggest finding a review where the shade is being modeled on someone’s skin so that you can make the right selection for yourself.

What about you?  Are you familiar with Etude House?  Which products have you tried from them or what would you like to try in the future? 


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