Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mini Calendars for the New Year

I kicked 2013 off with sending out some snail mail.  After recuperating from some post holiday sickness I made these little mini January calendars to send to friends.  It was fun to do a little collage work, and I got to use the new slim pastel washi tapes I got for Christmas.  The little floral bits were cut out from the inside of a shopping bag pattern.  I had been hanging on to them all last year, but I never got around to using them.  Still, each time I went to de-stash some of my materials I was never able to throw them away.  You know how it is when you’re waiting for the perfect project to come around?  Most of the time I end up holding on to things forever, but in this case I found the perfect use for them.

This year I will need to let go of lot of little bits like those flowers since my sister and I are re-designing our room.  I was hoping to be able to move my workspace into the basement, but that project may have to hold off for a while.  Now I’m left with the task of trying to balance having my room double as my studio.  I really hope I can be more organized this year and get better at separating work things from the rest of my things.  If anyone has any design tips for having a workspace in your bedroom, please share!


TamTam said...

Hi! I'm tamtamlee from swap bot.
Your mini calendars are really cute! Nice job!

lefroggy said...

Wow your blog is full of such beautiful and creative things, i have enjoyed going over and reading a few posts, but i hope to get the chance to read more later on
lefroggy - from swapbot
Blogging into 2013

Tara... said...

These are really cute - such a great idea! I have to craft in my room too since I am at uni and in a shared house still (snore). I have a vintage suitcase stuffed full of supplies and use the top of it when closed as a sort of craft space. Its not much, but I make do! Plus it keeps me tidy haha! Love your blog :)

Lauren said...

Oh, I saw your suitcase on your blog! That's a great idea. When I was in school I crafted right on my floor and always made such a mess. Wish I had thought of that.

Lauren said...

Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed looking around. :)

Lauren said...

Thank you, they were fun make.

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