Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY // Chic & Discreet Prescription Containers

It’s called the medicine cabinet, but experts say that’s the worse place to store your pills.  The heat and moisture generated in the bathroom can break down medicine and make it less effective.  So, where do you keep all those prescription bottles where they will be out of sight, but still convenient to access?

Tea tins provide a perfect cool, dry, and light proof environment for storing your meds.  After you’re done with your favorite bag or loose leaf tea, keep the container!  I prefer ones that come in a square shape because I can fit at least four pill bottles in them.  Round containers give you space for about three – and if they’re tall containers, you can always stack them.

All you need for this project is a nice tin and your favorite roll of washi or deco tape.  Most tea tins already have fancy package design, but I still like to deck mine out a little.  Find a cute tape that compliments the tin and use it to line the top and bottom edges.  If the container has a label, border your tape around it.  Put a little tape around the rim of the lid, or across the top, for a unified appearance. 

Once your new container is decorated you can transfer your pill bottles into it. Now you can store your meds on your bedside table, kitchen cabinet, or shelf without having it looking like a mini pharmacy.  This also keeps nosy house guests and visitors from checking out your prescriptions.

For meds that you need to take on the go, you can create a mini version of these containers by cleaning out lip gloss or other small cosmetic tins.  Since these are so small I just put a little washi tape around the lid.  Transfer the pills you need to take with you inside and pop your new pill case in your bag or purse.

Don’t have the kind of containers you want at home?  This is a great project for thrift store or flea market finds.  Hunt down some small vintage tins and aluminum containers.  Japanese candy tins also work great for this.  As usual, you want to keep all prescriptions out of reach of children and pets.



sierasita said...

ok! must say that is the first time i know that medecine cabinet is truly danger on our health!!!! seriously i've been store all the pills and medecine there!! even i'm not fan of pmedecine but that is really important thanks for sharing,,, next time when i go for shopping i'll try to look for a vey large tin of tea :) because all i have is wooden container!
thx for sharing the information i really appreciate it,

sierasita from swap-bpt(blogging into 2013)

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