Monday, August 27, 2012

Head Back to School

Each Monday I will be bringing you my favorite finds from around the web.  This week’s picks are all about heading back to school.  Whether going to middle school, college, or getting ready to tackle that Masters, these unique supplies will be great for you or someone you know. 

Omoi, a Philadelphia, PA based zakka shop, is now offering these stylish eco-friendly Decomposition Books.  With college and gird ruled pages made completely from post-consumer waste and soy based ink, these notebooks are sure to keep you green in the coming semester.  

While back to school shopping with my sisters last weekend I saw lots of great canvas backpacks everywhere, but most of them had leather trim or accents.  That’s why I love this Neon Trim Denim Backpack from TOPSHOP made from cotton and polyester.  It’s a wonderful alternative for vegans and others who like to keep leather-free.

No matter what you’re studying, pencil bags are a must.  Even if you don’t carry around writing tools, this pouch from Skinny laMinx also makes a great cosmetic bag.  The Cloudbirds pattern pops in all three colors, and also provides a nice graphic escape from the ever-present chevron pattern.

You can’t go wrong with anything from Cavallini & Co. and these scenic white erasers are no exception.  It’s like having a little postcard in your pencil bag to correct all your mistakes!


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