Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY // Rustic Cinnamon Stick Holiday Table Decorations

Here’s a quick idea I had for holiday table decorations that don’t fall into the trap of traditional holiday colors.  There’s a spool of scrap fabric ribbon I’ve been adding to, and I thought some of it would look nice tied around of a bag of cinnamon sticks I found from last Fall.  I’m a sucker for any kind of pastel fabric paired with natural materials. 

For this project you’ll need some cinnamon sticks, various ribbon, washi tape and anything else you think would be fun to work with.  To make the fabric ribbon, collect some scraps and cut them into strips.  You can mix and match the sizes.  Tie them together and wind them onto an empty spool. 

Cut 18” of the ribbon and tie it around the cinnamon sticks.  I used two sticks, but feel free to add more – just be sure to cut a few extra inches of ribbon.  These are nice to sit on napkins for place settings or to accent a centerpiece.  To make place cards, you can tie on a shipping tag as well.

After making a few with the fabric ribbon I decided to break out the washi tape (because I love to add it to everything) and tried making one that way.  It looked a little plain so I added a thin strip of cream polyester ribbon.  The tape gave it a nice modern look.

Pine cones would be another way you could try to make these.  The idea is to find materials to work with that are in season, but to have fun with the colors you accent them with.  Experiment with what you find and show me what you make!


SleightGirl said...

So pretty! I bet they smell great too!

soyprincesa2 said...

This is so cute. I always do fun table decorations whenever I have dinner parties. These are really a nice style. You have a cute blog and the posts are quite interesting.

Shary said...

I love that cinnamon is making a comeback! Here's a post I read earlier today that you might enjoy: (< not my blog, by the way)

Commenting from, user: sharylove.

Lauren said...

It's a great scent for this time of year.

Lauren said...

Thank you. I wish I could put them to better use but our dining room table serves as a little internet cafe for everyone in the house most of the time.

Lauren said...

they do!

Aye Oh said...

I have these rose shaped pine cones that would look excellent with the ribbon and tape, though I'm not yet sure how they'd be incorporated. Mom's having a dinner party for her friends from work on the 22nd. This would look great as a centerpiece! I love things that aren't obviously seasonal but fit the overall aesthetic of the holidays.

- AO

Lauren said...

I must see these pine cones!

Jessica said...

These look wonderful and I agree rustic. I really like the scrap fabric ones and the tags are a nice touch.

~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

Lauren said...

Thank you. I'm happy with how they turned out and had fun experimenting.

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