Thursday, February 21, 2013

Calming Pink and Grey Pastels

This year I find myself very drawn to shades of pink and grey.  I’ve always loved pastels, but this particular combination has really been resonating with me.  (I even bought a light pink pencil skirt last month!)  I think the soft winter overcast these first few months of the year bring has a lot to do with it.  

While cleaning up my ‘studio’ (I use that word sparingly) I noticed how much I’ve been working with these colors by how many pink and grey scraps I had laying around.  I had fun putting them together into a small collage.  There is something very soothing about these colors together, in just the right shades.  It was a relaxing little project to work on, and I may create another one soon to escape all the stress I am under at the moment.

 While searching for museum jobs over the weekend I found a wonderful artist fellowship and decided to apply for it.  Of course, the deadline is only days away and I was completely unprepared to apply for anything like this, but this would be a great opportunity and I’m not going to let it slip by. 

This year I promised myself I would start making bigger steps into regaining control over my life instead of letting life happen to me.  I had some major setbacks with school but I’m learning that when things don’t go as planned, at some point you have to step back and reshape your future.  So, I am throwing myself into putting together my portfolio and this application.

It feels great to finally be applying for something I believe in and not being afraid to put myself and my work out there.  I wrote a new artist statement yesterday and am feeling really good about it.  Selecting which works to include in my portfolio is another story, but I am definitely including a pink and grey mixed media piece I made last year.  That makes one down and nine more to go!


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