Sunday, February 3, 2013

Four Favorite Blogs

When I read that decor8 was hosting a hashtag party to celebrate those we appreciate in the blog world, I knew right away which bloggers I wanted to 'hug.'  These four blogs are all ones I started reading last year, and they quickly became my favorite to visit.  Reading them has become a part of my daily routine, and I can always look forward to the insight, inspiration, and cheer they provide.  So here is a big #bloghug, high-five, and hooray to the four of you!

Hello Sandwich
Being the washi tape addict that I am, it didn't take but one glance for me to fall in love with this blog.  Some of my favorite posts are of the amazing mt factory and school.  If you're ever feeling at a loss for craft inspiration, this is the place to visit.  With all the pages of vibrant paper projects, it's no wonder Hello Sandwich has authored several craft books.  She also shares many beautiful photos of Tokyo. 

b for bonnie
 I found my way to Bonnie Tsang's blog after seeing her lovely photography portfolio.  Aside from sharing beautiful photos with readers, you will also find plenty of posts on fashion and design.  One of my guilty pleasures is food photography, and I always look forward to new photos from restaurants.

This past December I was deeply moved by the post 9 years on the ever of her birthday.  It was so inspirational and heartwarming, and just what I needed to read at the time.  There was so much that resonated with me and I'm very thankful to her for sharing her experiences with us.

send more mail
If you're a fan of ephemera and snail mail, you will be in heaven on this blog, scrolling through endless pictures of written correspondence.  I'm an avid collector of stamps and postcards and love looking at through this blog as much as I love sorting through my own albums.  Have you sent any snail mail lately?

Love zakka and textiles?  You need this  blog in your life.  It's completely dedicated to sewing housewares and sweet soft objects.  I really admire the non-stop freedom to created this blog promotes.  Besides seeing completed projects, you get a step by step look at the creative process, from the uncut vintage fabric to the potholders waiting to be sewn shut.  You will definitely be moved to want to make something.

[images are from their corresponding blogs: hello sandwich, b for bonnie, send more mail, and fabrickaz+idees]


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